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Spanish freelance photographer. After graduating in law, I began to train in documentary photography and photo-journalism. I soon became aware not only of my passion for photography, but also how powerful images could be in capturing the realities I came face to face with. My journey as a photographer has been defined by my interest in recounting what happens, by reporting on realities that are sometimes not visible and by bringing to life human stories about  anonymous people. It is often, these small stories, however, that can tell us how the world in which live really is. 

In recent years I have been working in Africa, Middle East and Latin America,  taken pictures of different themes such as the conflict and coltan mines in the East of the DR of Congo,  oil extraction in the Niger delta,  Boko Haram in the nort-east of Nigeria, Mexican farmworkers in EEUU, Syrian refugees living in neighboring countries or the war in Kurdistan. 


- Artes&Letras Award for Photograpy 2017. Spain.

- Winner of  the Human Nature Photojournalism Contest  2015. Canadá.

- Winner of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2014. UK.

- Winner of the Photofest Award 2014. Mexico.

- Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014. Gold  in press-feature story category. France.

- International Photography Awards (IPA) 2014. 3rd place in General News and honorable Mention in Photo essay and feature story . EEUU.

- Moscow International Foto Awards 2014. Winner in the environmental category . 

- Best of Photography Contest by Sigma 2014. Finalist. EEUU.

- Scolarship  award in Photography and Journalism Seminar of Albarracín 2013. Spain.

- International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013. Honorable Mention in Photo Essay and Feature Story category (nonpro). EEUU.

- International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013. Honorable Mention in General News category (nonpro). EEUU. 

- Finalist grant at the International Photojournalism Festival PHOTON 2012. Spain.

- Joaquín Gil Marraco photocontest 2011. Finalist. Spain.

Al Jazeera, The Guardian, DAYS Japan, VICE Australia, VICE USA, El Mundo, Zazpika Magazine, El Confidencial, El Salto, Heraldo de Aragón, El Periódico de Cataluña, Pikara Magazine, El Periódico de Aragón, Diagonal, Artes &Letras.


- Ciudadela de Pamplona. Spain 2017.

- Palacio de Congresos de Vitoria. Spain 2017.

- Maison du Développement Durable, Montreal. Canada 2016

- Espace Eurêko, Zoom Photofestival Sanguenay, Quebec. Canada 2015

- MIFA Photography Festival Moscow (Projections). Rusia 2015

- Sestao Music School (SestaoPhoto projections). Spain 2015. 

- Libertad Gallery Querétaro. México 2015

- International Biennial of fine art and documentary photography (Worldwide Photography Gala  Awards). Heritage Municipal Museum of Malaga. Spain 2014.

- El Trapiche, Granada. Spain 2014.

- Casa de las Culturas, Zaragoza. Spain 2014.

- PICS 2013. Barcelona 2013. 

- Centro Cultural Pati Llimona, Barcelona. Spain 2012.

- Diputación Provincial Huesca. Spain 2012

- Can Basté, Barcelona. Spain 2011.

- Palacio de los Morlanes, Zaragoza. Spain 2011.

- CC Almozara, Zaragoza. Spain 2011.

- Casa de la Cultura de Altorricón. Spain 2011.

- CC Casablanca, Zaragoza. Spain 2010.



Boko Haram, una guerra contra ellas. 2015. 

Tú, siéntate. 2016.